Anti-Discrimination Policy Statement

Stadiums Queensland (SQ) is committed to providing a safe environment for all venue users that is free from unlawful discrimination, vilification and harassment.

We have a zero tolerance position in relation to discriminatory behaviour at all SQ venues.

SQ operates with regard to Anti-Discrimination Laws, initiatives undertaken by the Australian Human Rights Commission and Queensland Human Rights Commission, and any applicable national and state sporting, entertainment and recreational codes.

Venue users and patrons can report discriminatory behaviour through the venues phone line, email address, social media messaging services/channels, venue app (where relevant) or to the venues web site. Venue contact details are provided below:

Proven actions of discriminatory behaviour by a Venue User will amount to a breach of the Conditions of Entry and lead to Refusal of Entry to the Venue, Removal from the Venue and/or Banning from all SQ Venues.