Ticket Scalping 


The Queensland Parliament has passed laws to make ticket scalping an offence. They are designed to allow genuine fans a fair and equitable opportunity to purchase tickets to events at Stadiums Queensland venues.

These laws will protect genuine fans, supporters, promoters, sporting bodies and sponsors alike by making it an offence to purchase a ticket simply for the purpose of profiteering.

Major Sports Facilities Act 2001 (the act) does not aim to restrict people’s ability to resell tickets where they have a genuine need to do so and where transfer of the ticket is allowable under the ticketing conditions.

The 10% margin enables people who are unable to attend an event to recoup the ticket price and any costs associated with the ticket resale.

In addition, an exemption is provided to allow the lawful resale of tickets above the 10% margin by non-profit organisations for fundraising purposes.

What tickets/events/venues does this Act apply to?

This Act applies to ticketed events at venues of Stadiums Queensland including:

Suncorp Stadium 
The Gabba 
The Brisbane Entertainment Centre (BEC)
Queensland Country Bank Stadium
The Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre 
The Sleeman Sports Complex 
Cbus Super Stadium
The Queensland Tennis Centre
People First Stadium


When did the ticket scalping laws take effect?

Ticket scalping laws have been in effect for events at Stadiums Queensland venues since 8 December 2006.

Can I resell a ticket on ebay or by other means?

Ticket holders are permitted to on sell their tickets provided the cost of the ticket is no more than 10% above the original ticket price. However, the Act does not authorise resale of a ticket if the original conditions of sale by the event promoter prohibit resale.

I belong to a non-profit organisation who wishes to auction several tickets to raise funds for a local charity. Am I permitted to do this?

Yes, an exemption is provided to allow the lawful resale of tickets above the 10% margin by non-profit organisations for bona fide charitable fundraising purposes.

What if I sell or buy a ticket at a price greater than 10% of the original ticket price?

The Act contains penalties for reselling and purchasing tickets to events at Stadiums Queensland facilities at a price greater than 10% above the original ticket price.

Sellers of scalped tickets face a maximum fine of 20 penalty units or $3,096.00
Buyers of scalped tickets face a maximum fine of 5 penalty units or $774.00

These provisions reinforce the terms and conditions currently attached to many tickets by event organisers and ticket agents, which prohibit the resale of tickets at a premium.

An offence is committed whether the ticket is sold or purchased prior to, or at the event.

I purchased my ticket from a ticket scalper prior to the commencement of this legislation. Does the legislation apply?

The legislation is not retrospective, so it only applies to the resale of tickets after the commencement date of 8 December 2006.

How do I identify the original ticket price?

This information is available from the ticketing agent. In most cases the original ticket price is displayed on the front panel of the ticket.

Does this Act apply outside of Queensland?

Yes, this Act applies if you are purchasing a ticket to an event at any of the above-mentioned Stadiums Queensland venues regardless of where or from whom you purchase the ticket.

For example if you reside in Sydney and purchase a ticket to attend a Bledisloe Cup match at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane the Act will still apply.

Complaints regarding ticket scalping should be directed to the Queensland Police Service and can be reported to your local police station.

Local Police Station Contact:

Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane - 07 3258 2582
The Gabba, South Brisbane - 07 3020 8111
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, North Brisbane - 07 3364 3372
Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville - 07 4759 9777
Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre, South Brisbane - 07 3033 4111
Sleeman Sports Complex, Wynnum - 07 3308 8100
Cbus Super Stadium, Gold Coast - 07 5656 9111
Queensland Tennis Centre, Oxley - 07 3426 7122
People First Stadium, Gold Coast - 07 5503 8999

To report ticket scalping on an event day within the venues precinct advise a Queensland Police Officer who will investigate the matter and is authorised to issue an infringement notice if appropriate.